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Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Crazy, crazy hump day ! ! !

Had to start my day with an MRI first thing thing at 7:45. Having it done on my coccyx and lower pelvic region. I have been having some major pain and at times I can barely walk. It's not sciatica as have been through some horrendous injections and manipulations with no relief at all. The MRI noise sent my head into an intense migraine. I went from there to the lab and I barely sat down and the alarms went off, announcing that there was a Code red in the ER! Fire alarm! ! ! !

The alarms continued to blast, turning my head into a time bomb ready to explode and then after what seemed to be ages, it stopped! ! ! They were doing a test! ! ! Thank you very much. 

from there it just got worse. My doctor  changed my pain meds to something that would actually help my pain. At first I thought it was going to be the just the ticket. NOT ! I started to itch like a mad woman and welts started to develop all over an the itching was intense and it was everywhere from the bottom of my feet to my eyes and scalp. It was even in the worst possible areas.  I called the ER and asked if I could mix the pain med with Benadryl. He said he couldn't advise me over the phone but in a roundabout way he said that he had heard that people had taken it that way before and they felt better. I told him I understood and thanked him and I am now laying in bed comfortably and I am going to say my prayers and thank God for giving me  some relief.

Thank you God and now I am going to say,
Goodnight and sleep well. I will. See you all in the morning light.
Goodnight my friend's,



Whew !

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