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Monday, January 18, 2016

Welcome back to my Primitive Nest.

 Welcome back to my Primitive Nest. 

Yes We're BACKKKKK ! ! ! ! 

Okay, since I am getting away from the infamous Facebook, I am going to be needing another outlet for my friends and family to stay in touch with me and the Fam. being Greg my dear sweet hubby, the fur babies and me. 

This blog will be more about the goings on around here where my other one is more about my quilting, sewing, crocheting and other creative needleworks.

So my friends. please drop by for good recipes, tips, and what have ya to pass on. 

You will discover that Cheesecake is my weakness and I love them all but I do have my favorites.
 I will be sharing recipes and more. 
Baxter and Phoebe will always be here to give you all 
the great MacKay welcome. Hugs and stop by often.
Baxter                                      Phoebe            

Whoops!!! Looks like I better get busy. Hahah


Denise * KKL Primitives said...

Looking forward to your recipes! Welcome back to BlogLand!

Jan said...

Thank you Denise, I am looking forward to it again. I purused your websites too. Lots of great goodies. I just need a reason to create. My daughter needs or wants some filet crochet curtains for her french doors. but that will go on my other blog. I just need inspiration to make and create sometimes and I get brain dead. ahahah.
This is more for daily affairs and goings on and I am just excited to be doing this for me and my friends and family instead of the people looking for drama. If you know what I mean.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you visit often.

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Jan, I love recipes, can't wait to see yours. Love your furbabies, hugs, Lecia

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Is it YOU? Is it really you!!! I've missed you my friend and can't wait to hear all about what you've been up to! Sending you bunches of hugs tonight, Diane

Jan said...

Yes, Diane, its lil ole me. Hahah. So nice to see your sweet face and hear from you. I will be sharing again soon.