My Friends

Saturday, January 28, 2012

yes,Baxter is the object of my intense attention lately but Phoebe still gets her share of lovin

Baxter is my little Pillsbury Dough Boy. hehehe. He takes everything out of the bowl and climbs in. Now I ask you, How cute is that.


Julie said...


Ladybug said...

JUST Sooooooo Cute ..... Adorable
I bet Baxter will rule the house

Big Hugs

Jan said...

Will rule the roost??? Try already does rule the roost. What Baxter wants Baxter takes. heheheh I am sure glad that Phoebe is so gentle and congenial with him. It is the sign of a wonderful soul mate. I am so glad that I got the two of them together. I just know that they will be the best of buds when Baxter gets a bit older and less a pest.